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Needs Consultancy

Formulate the perfect solution for you.

Structured Reporting

Monthly reporting on your progress.

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The price we quote you includes everything for your campaign.

Increased Traffic

Our aim is to drive targeted visitors to your site through your chosen keywords.

First Page Listings

We will ensure that you appear on the first page for all keywords.

No Risk Guarantee

We will agree benchmarks and timeframes to meet them, if we don't you don't pay.

PPC Management

We can improve and manage your PPC campaigns.

Reputation Management

So long as you're a good person!

Local SEO Services

We can help you get geo-targeted visitors.

Social Media Management

Building an audience that want to know what you have to offer.

Full SEO Audit

Find out where your shortfalls are and how to fix them.

Rank Tracker

Get an insight as to your sites progress with our rank tracker.

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Our entire team comprises of fully qualified SEO consultants, who we ensure are trained to our own companies standards.
As with any trade, SEO is not desimilar. You need the right tools for the job to ensure a smooth and streamlined process
Our support is unbeatable and available throughout the work week free of charge, no call centers, you will always be speaking to an expert.
We build your online presence up to a level where you're receiving the lions share of the traffic, before we do this we ensure your site is going to convert your visitors.
We're not afraid to try out new things, we experiment on our own sites until we know our strategies are unbeatable. You receive our perfected strategies and methods.
Our in-house team will be able to impliment all changes we suggest, we have the capability that would put most web design houses to shame!
Along with any campaign we take on we give our clients the ability to track their success in real-time. No more waiting for reports.
Yes, it's hard to believe. We are a very friendly customer focused company and we take great pride in our work.

There is a wide spectrum of SEO companies dressing up their services as the same thing with the same quality, at massively varying prices. This makes it hard for an honest SEO Service provider to justify a real, results based quote. Just paying an SEO company isn't enough, you need to ensure that they are offering tangible results and practising what they preach! We're not the cheapest SEO company, however whoever said getting to the top of Google was cheap! We price our campaigns with a value for money ethos in mind – We want to return to you more than you invest and in as short a time scale as possible!

Give it to me straight:
Page 1 ranks are guaranteed for all your keywords within 4 months with all our packages!

Rank 1 positions are aimed for from the start and achieved normally within 6 months!

We retained 98% of our clients last year! Make you own mind up on what that means!

We currently have over 10,000 keywords ranked number 1 on Google for our clients!

We are so good we have to finish every bullet point with an exclamation mark!

What is the goal:
The goal has always got to be to obtain the top positions for all of your keywords, we are always talking page 1 and rank 1 at Zavle! We ensure your site is going to be noticed by people who want to buy your products or services through our keyword analysis process. You need to be comfortable that your SEO services provider is focused on providing a value added service, not purely ranking any keywords that are easy for you. We 100% guarantee to not just work with you but partner with you taking full responsibility for growing your online marketing presence on google!

Aiming for the top:
We guarantee Page 1 rankings within 4 months but in reality the top 3 positions take 70% of all traffic so that is where you need to be! We have averaged on our last 10 campaigns (from a standing start) only 5 months 14 days to get 75% of the targeted keywords to positions 1 – 3. Our clients really do see the results quickly!

Ensuring you stay at the top:
Our methods are not cheap but they yield results that stick. We invest in a long term relationship with our clients knowing that once your up at the top your not going to leave an agency that’s keeping you there! In fact in the last 12 months we boast a 98% retention rate of all clients!

What ever you do, don’t go cheap!
If you have ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for” well this is very true in the SEO world. Bad links are very expensive to get rid of. No SEO is better than bad SEO in the long run! We have had clients who have engaged in bad practices and its just impossible to recover within a realistic budget from some of these practices. What ever you do, If you cant afford good SEO..... Don’t do SEO!

Full service digital agency:
SEO is our passion, its what we are the best in the country at! We do however all digital marketing services including :

Social media campaigns – Facebook, Twitter, Google +

Adwords optimisation – Conversion management, Cost reduction and Click through rate improvement

Bingads creation and optimisation

Conversion flow optimisation

Reputation management both online and offline

Website design, improvement and creation

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